Update on flights between India and the United Arab Emirates: shock for Indians living in the United Arab Emirates, flights between India and Abu Dhabi will remain suspended

Abu Dhabi
Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has announced that passenger flights between India and the United Arab Emirates will be suspended until July 21. Etihad Airways said the move was made in light of the Corona virus crisis. Etihad said the ban on flights to India had not been lifted but had been extended until July 21.

Etihad said passengers who have booked tickets can postpone their flight later. Earlier, citing the UAE Civil Aviation Authority, several media outlets said UAE authorities had extended the flight ban to 14 countries, including India and Pakistan. The UAE Civil Aviation Authority also said flights to India had been canceled until further notice.

Entry prohibited in 13 countries including Pakistan
The United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said in a statement on Sunday that entry is banned in 13 countries, including Pakistan. Earlier on June 19, Dubai said that for those traveling there from India, Nigeria or South Africa in the past 14 days, the ban would be relaxed after June 23.

Dubai officials also said entry will be granted to those from India and South Africa who have been vaccinated and those who have tested negative in the past 48 hours from Nigeria will also be allowed. to enter. The GCAA said the ban will continue but said nothing about Dubai’s announcement. At the same time, Emirates Airline of Dubai said on Twitter that flights from India are available from July 7, but that could change.

people trapped in India
After the announcement of Dubai, the Indians who worked there had a great relief. Due to this ban, a large number of workers, especially those working in the healthcare sector, have been stranded in India. These Indian workers hoped to return. Certain rules have been established for passengers arriving from India. Only Indians who have obtained the Corona vaccine approved in the UAE will be allowed to come.

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