Update on Hamas conflict in Israel: IDF fighter jets bomb Hamas targets in Gaza after arson with balloon

Strong points:

Tensions between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas do not appear to end in Gaza Strip
Tensions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas do not end. After several days of fierce conflict in Gaza, peace has been agreed between Israel and Hamas, but now it appears to be crumbling. Hamas operatives constantly attack Israel with condoms and kite bombs. In retaliation, the Israeli Air Force launched vigorous missile attacks on the Gaza Strip for the second day in a row.

Palestinian sources said Israeli missiles destroyed several Hamas targets in Gaza City on Thursday. It is said that a building of the civil administration was also under the influence of this attack. Apart from this, many farms were also destroyed. So far, no casualties have been reported in these attacks. Meanwhile, Hamas issued a statement saying the attacks are a show of force by the new Israeli government.

Hamas fired at Israel with heavy machine guns
On the other hand, Hamas-controlled Al-Aqsa TV claimed that an Israeli drone plane was shot down in Gaza City. It is also said in the newspapers that Hamas fired from the Israeli side with heavy machine guns. This led to the sound of warning sirens in Israel. Meanwhile, Israeli media claimed the action was taken after the military fired balloons filled with explosives for the third day in a row from Gaza.

Israeli media reported that the purpose of releasing these explosive balloons is to set Israeli fields on fire. On the other hand, the IDF said it would continue to target Hamas’ military might and its bases. In fact, members of the extremist group Hamas inflate condoms, fill them with flammable materials such as coal, and then blow them in Israeli areas. When these “balloons” burst, a fire breaks out. Not only that, explosive substances are also filled inside many condoms, because of which they explode where they fall.

The purpose of condom balloons is to kill people
The fires caused by these balloons have intensified in southern Israel. According to the Times of Israel report, thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed in Israel because of these condom balloons. People suffered a lot because of it. According to the IDF, the purpose of these condom balloons is to kill people and cause great destruction. Children are often caught in the grip of these balloons, which get caught by greed, touch it or run to catch it. Many Israeli children were also injured in the blasts.

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