Update on New Corona Strain: New Corona Virus Strain Found in France – New Corona Virus Strain Now Found in France; The number of affected countries is growing rapidly

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France said a new strain or type of corona virus has been discovered in its country. This more infectious strain of the corona virus has been identified in Great Britain.
France said a new strain or type of corona virus had been found in its country. This more contagious strain of Corona has been identified in Britain and cases have also been reported in South Africa, Nigeria. French Ministry of Health officials say the person suffering from the new strain of Corona is a French citizen and came from London on December 19. He said the infected person lives in isolation at his home.

After a new strain of Corona virus arrived in Britain, many countries around the world, including India, had banned the arrival of people from there. France also banned the arrival of planes from Great Britain but this ban was lifted on Wednesday. Now these people are allowed to turn negative on the test. On Christmas Day, thousands of truck drivers had to stay in their cars while waiting to cross the Channel.

New strain of corona virus discovered in Nigeria
The French Ministry of Health said that on December 21 the victim was examined in a hospital. He said the victim was fine. Earlier on Friday, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia reported also reporting cases of patients infected with a new strain of the corona virus. Previously, a new strain of the corona virus had been discovered in the African country of Nigeria, after Great Britain and South Africa.

Africa’s top public health official on Thursday said this new strain of Corona has been found in the people of Nigeria. A team of scientists are studying to get more information on this strain. A new strain of Corona was discovered in two passengers from South Africa in Britain on Wednesday. The new strain has been described as 70% more contagious by the British Minister for Health.

This strain is different from Great Britain and South Africa
John Nekengsong, head of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said of the new strain in Nigeria that it is different in nature from that of the UK and South Africa. The strain is being studied by scientists at the Nigeria CDC and the African Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease Genomics. He called for more time to investigate this nature of the virus.

New strain named variant P681H
Dr Nekengsong reported that the potential impact of Nigerian variants on vaccines is unclear at this time. An initial report said this Nigerian variant of the corona virus was found in samples from two patients taken 100 miles north of Lagos, in southern Osun state, between August 3 and October 9. This variant of the corona virus is called P681H.

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