Updates to Microsoft Teams on iOS adding Caller ID

One more day, the Redmond-based company released a new update for one of its flagship apps. We are talking about Microsoft Teams, an application that has just been updated on iOS to version 2.0.24 with a number of new features, such as caller ID for voicemail messages.

Microsoft Teams receives new features in iOS

Although the development of Microsoft Teams is progressing very similarly on all platforms, today it is the turn of a new update of the application on iOS. An update with which the company seeks to improve the user experience in calls by introducing a series of new features that we indicate below:

We can now hide notification previews to protect sensitive data (with Intune). The application will allow us to research your way of speaking. Natural language support when searching for messages. Spelling suggestions have been introduced for search terms that may be misspelled. ID. Calls for voice messages. Call controls (mute, hang up, etc.) now always appear on the screen and even more options are shown on the iPad.

Some of these new features, as you may have seen, will only be available on iPad, as is the case with always fixed call controls. The rest are available for all iOS devices. What do you think of this new update for Microsoft Teams? What other functions would you like to see in the app?

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