Updates to Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android with distribution lists

This time we have to talk about Teams but for smartphones. Today the protagonists are Android and iOS who receive an update of the service with new very interesting features. You might consider these to be minor features, but they are also in high demand by the community.

Teams on Android and iOS now lets you invite lists and distribution groups

The reality is that despite teleworking, we continue to carry our smartphone everywhere and autonomy has not improved despite working from home. This is why Microsoft continues to work on improving its applications for Android and iOS, aware of the importance for the time being.

The application on both operating systems now has the ability to invite so-called modern distribution lists and groups during programming. Additionally, Android users can now join meetings that have exceeded the user limit by participating as observers.

Microsoft Teams for iOS, meanwhile, received tools for pinning items, new emojis, and additional options for backgrounds.

Then we show you all the news present in the Android version so that you know exactly what the news is:

Join meetings as an observer when the meeting reaches its full capacity. Invite modern mailing lists and group meetings to Teams by typing your name in the attendees section.

Now turn to review the news that has arrived on iOS. This time we have more elements than in the case of Android and some very interesting:

View, pin and manage pinned chats Express yourself more and more with new set of emojis Invite modern groups and distribution lists when scheduling a meeting Change the background of calls or meetings . Choose from a list or upload your own image

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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