Updating the Iprem causes failures on the SEPE site

The review of the website of the Public Service of State Employment (SEPE) for the update of the public indicator of multiple effects (Iprem), which has increased by 5% since January 1, led Thousands of users of the organization to have showed their unease on Twitter on Monday.

In fact, SEPE has been a trend in this social network due to complaints from recipients of unemployment benefits or temporary work regulation files (Erte). The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy ensured that the website was already back to normal operation.

Regarding payroll complaints, Work noted that “there is no change” or delays in this regard and that payment is always made on the first working day of the month, which in this case today was Jan. 4.

At the end of November, 750,000 people were under Erte

“Today, many will already start charging for the agreement with banking entities,” added the department headed by Yolanda Daz.

With data at the end of November 2020, nearly 750,000 people are covered by a temporary work regulation file (Erte), far from the 3.4 million workers who arrived in Erte in April.

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