Uranium exploration in arunachal pradesh: india exploring uranium in arunachal pradesh along the indo-china border: uranium is discovered in arunachal pradesh near the india-china border

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Chinese Global Times media furious at India’s discovery of uranium in Arunachal Pradesh, threatens India, claiming it would harm border negotiations China claims Arunachal Pradesh is part of southern Tibet, India rejected
The discovery of uranium in India near the Chinese border in Arunachal Pradesh has hit Chinese government media Global Times hard. The Global Times, called the spokesperson for the Communist Party of China, attacked India, saying such behavior would harm Indochinese border dialogue. Let us know that China has claimed to be part of southern Tibet from the start, claiming Arunachal Pradesh as its own. Not only that, this official Bhopu from China also attacked the Indian media for praising India’s discovery of uranium.

China fueled by uranium mining in Arunachal
The Global Times, in an article citing the report from our associated publication Times of India, wrote that India detects uranium in Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Times of India report, DK Sinha, director of the Atomic Minerals Directorate of India, said that the uranium hidden in the region has given positive results, so we have continued our work here.

Chinese media told Arunachal Pradesh
This media littered by Chinese President Xi Jinping claimed that the Chinese government has never recognized “Arunachal Pradesh”. He further wrote that India claims the region is his own, while in China it is known as the southern part of Tibet or Janganan. The Global Times did not stop there, claiming that Arunachal Pradesh was built illegally in the last century, covering 90,000 square kilometers of China.

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Chinese expert demanded action
The Global Times quoted Ji Chao, an assistant professor of Indian studies at Tohua University, as saying that it doesn’t matter that uranium is present in the region, but that it is wrong to claim that the region is theirs. Professor Sahab even accused India of having an arrogant attitude. The professor even forced China to demand retaliation against India.

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Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India
The Global Times claimed that efforts to explore India in Arunachal Pradesh would complicate border negotiations. He even called it a one-sided provocative response. At the same time, India has said from the start that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of us. The governments of different parties in India have made their position on Arunachal Pradesh clear in parliament and outside on several occasions.

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