Urdiales, the currista inspiration

Diego Urdiales does not have the physical bearing of Curro nor is he born in Camas, but it seems that he has been suckled bullfighting by the Pharaoh. As a faithful follower of the currista gospel, he put the gospels into practice, penetrated the soul of Seville and wandered both ears in the presence of his idol, maestro Curro Romero, witness to the triumph of his favorite student from a stand.

Urdiales from La Rioja, circumspect himself, had been sad and half-gasped before his first, a reserve animal that knocked down the picador three times, came up on flags and reached the crutch with enough courage to respond to the requirement. But there was not. Urdiales, suspicious and overly cautious, preferred to remain in a discreet background, below the conditions of his opponent.

But the fourth appeared and he threw it with great pleasure to Veronica. The bull manseó on sticks and was hurt in banderillas, but showed caste and quality in the crutch, and was the perfect couple for the bullfighter to develop his classic bullfighting and full of presence and packaging.

Garcigrande / Urdiales, Manzanares, Jiménez

Garcigrande bulls, correct presentation, that they fulfilled in the horse except for the fourth and sixth, very noble and with quality in the final third. Complicated the sixth

Diego Urdiales: opposite thrust (ovation); thrust (two ears).

José María Manzanares: thrust (ear); two jabs, half _warning_ and five crazy (ovation).

Ángel Jiménez: jab and thrust (ovation); Fallen lunge (ovation).

Plaza de La Maestranza. October 2nd. Thirteenth fair run. Almost full with a capacity of 60 percent.

It was not a chore round, neither solid nor structured, and only basted in some passages, but the sparkles abounded, immense crutches, of exquisite depth. There were moments of manifest irregularity with others of plasticity and bewitchment that filled La Maestranza with that emotion that only sprouted in the afternoons of an inspired Curro.

Urdiales muttered with that naturalness that seems easy and imperceptible, but that it contains one of the essences of classic bullfighting. And before finishing the work with a great lunge, he outlined himself head-on, crutch on his left, and drew four deep naturals that overflowed with passion on the lines.

Pure and hard currista inspiration. And this square knows a lot about that and well. Perhaps that is why the good bullfighting of Diego Urdiales, although imperfect, took a deep toll, and thus he was recognized with all the honors.

Manzanares fought a lot and badly, what things are, who He cannot complain about how and how much they want him on this earth. He offered his first to the public and the stretched out, standing up, fell down with grateful emotion; and he gave a rally in the fifth and they forced him to salute from the line of the third. What affection, for God’s sake …!

His first bull was a blessed one, ready to elevate the bullfighter who fell in luck to the altars. But the Alicante man shattered the dream with a superficial, washed-out, detached, advantageous and insipid bullfighting. In spite of everything, they gave him an ear, when the winner had been the good bull. Bad also before the fourth, which he wasted until the animal got bored.

And the young Ángel Jiménez came in to replace the injured Pablo Aguado, and was not able to take advantage of the precious opportunity that life has offered. Many qualities adorn him, but he is green, so much so that he was not able to curdle the best bull of the afternoon, the third, of an unquestionable quality, with which he showed off the veronica and for chicuelinas, he surprised with elegance with bass in the It started with the crutch, but it was lost later with a detached and graceless bullfight. And it is a shame because modern bullfighting does not forgive these mistakes. He was emboldened by the dangerous sixth, but his willful decision does not exempt him from the previous blur.

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