Ursid meteor shower: Ursid meteor shower: last rain of the year when meteorites rain

The last meteorites of 2020 are expected to rain before Christmas. Ursids Meteor Shower can be easily seen by experts as well as ordinary astronomers. Up to 10 shooting stars can be seen in an hour. This rain will be one of the sky views visible before Christmas, while the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will also occur on December 21.

Ursids are actually made from Comet 8P / Tuttle. They come from the Ursa Major or Little Bear part of the Little Dipper Planetarium. It is believed that while the rain from the geminid meteorites will not be so memorable, the time of their appearance will be at night. So it can be easy to see them.

Space Weather gave information about it: “It won’t be very heavy rain, but beautiful because it will be in darkness near the northern winter solstice. However, the Ursids sometimes look spectacular when more than 100 broken stars can be seen in an hour.

When are you going to see India?
These shooting stars will appear on the left side of the Big Dipper. Each year, Ursid starts from December 17 to 26. It will be at its peak on Tuesday. In India, they can be seen in the dark when the sun is not out. On December 21, there will also be the December solstice, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere.

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