US aid to India against Covid-19: US aid to India against Covid-19 USAID Two flights arrive in New Delhi with an aid shipment: Two US planes arriving in Delhi carrying US aid material helping the ‘India against Kovid-19

Many countries around the world have teamed up to help India struggling with the Corona explosion. After the insult, the awakened US administration is also in contact with India 24 hours a day regarding Corona. Two transport planes from the United States also left with an oxygen cylinder / regulator, a rapid diagnostic kit, an N95 mask and a pulse regulator. These planes are expected to reach India today, which is Friday.

USAID senior adviser revealed
According to a CNN report, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) reported that the Biden administration was relentlessly advising its priorities with Corona facing havoc. Jeremy Kondayak, USAID Senior Consultant Coordinator on Corona, said supplies to India have been dispatched and this has also established very close coordination between the two countries.

The third shipment will leave today for India
The US Air Force’s C-5M SuperGalaxy and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft took off from Travis Air Force Base in California. However, today another ship is due to leave for India with a third shipment from Travis Air Force Base. The ship will carry PPE, oxygen, test kits, masks and many other medical equipment.

America Surrounded By Not Helping India In Corona Crisis, Said – Quickly Help Friend
Things changed after Biden-Modi’s phone call
Just last week, US President Joe Biden assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi of a telephone conversation. Biden said India is with the American people in times of need and the United States will be on his side during India’s worst public health crisis. The White House, in a statement released later, said it would provide India with other resources, including raw materials for the maker of drugs, ventilators and coviculate vaccines.

Latest Coronavirus Update: America Ready to Help India Amid Corona Crisis, To Send Kovishield Vaccine Raw Material
Not only the redcross, but the help also continues with the private companies
USAID’s Jeremy Kondayak said the Government of India has stated that USAID is working to distribute supplies through the Indian Red Cross, so we will work primarily through that channel. He also said that apart from this offer, they provide direct support to hospitals and medical facilities in India through partnerships with the private sector as well as additional support to many NGOs.

After Bhejit, instead of Biden, said Sur, India was with us at the time of need and now we will be with them.
America sent these goods to India
USAID said in its statement that the two ships leaving for India also have 440 oxygen cylinders donated by the state of California. Also included are 960,000 rapid diagnostic tests and 100,000 N95 masks that help prevent community infections. In fact, California had told the US federal government that it had these products available in large quantities. Can this be useful for India? After which, these goods were sent to India from there.

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