US Aid to India Against Covid-19: Why Was US President Joe Biden Delayed in Helping India Against Covid-19? Why US President Joe Biden was slow to help India against Kovid-19

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After being troubled, Corona agreed to help India in the crisis.
The United States has now regained consciousness after being troubled by the delay in assisting India, which is grappling with the Corona crisis. Many leaders, including the US president, the foreign minister, the national security adviser and the foreign minister, are now pledging immediate help to express their sympathy to India. Joe Biden announced the end of the ban on exports of raw materials used in the manufacture of anti-covid vaccines. But, the greatest benefit of this stubborn attitude of the United States has been to its two greatest enemies, Russia and China. These two countries immediately offered their help to India and instilled hatred and love for themselves in the hearts of the people.

Why Biden was late in helping India
America is also battling the Corona virus epidemic. With the help of money and power, America has already kept three stockpiles of doses for its people from all of the world’s major vaccine makers for all of its citizens. Biden initially preferred that his country accelerate vaccination at the national level and maintain the supply of raw materials to companies producing vaccines. Meanwhile, he has forgotten how important it is to help his friends maintain their importance in global diplomacy.

Biden is less sensitive than Trump to India
Without revealing it, Joe Biden has no more attachment to the Modi government of India than former President Donald Trump. Right now America needs India to counter the situation in the Indo-Pacific region and in China. This is the reason why Biden must support India even if he does not want to. Not only did Biden during Barack Obama’s tenure, current Indian Vice President Kamala Harris also criticized India for its religious freedom.

The atmosphere against America created in India
There was strong resentment in India over the first American statement from the United States and their State Department sitting on the horoscope on the vaccine raw material. Many people on social media had heard fiercely that the United States was not helping India. The great thing is that those who criticized America included people from all over the world, including their own countries. He also reminded India of India’s support on many issues including Quad, China, Indo-Pacific, Iran and Russia.

Latest Coronavirus Update: America Ready to Help India Amid Corona Crisis, To Send Kovishield Vaccine Raw Material
Sino-Russia offers aid before America
America is considered the closest country to India. However, it is also true that in international diplomacy there is no permanent friend or foe. Not only the Indian government, but the Indian public initially believed in US aid in the Corona crisis. But in this case, two of America’s staunchest adversaries, Russia and China, were killed. First of all, these two countries offered aid to India to deal with the Corona crisis.

Many countries have extended their aid using Corona, not only friends but also offered “ enemies ”
America lags behind Pakistan
Pakistan, which fought four times in the Corona Crisis in India, also defeated the United States. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted his solidarity with India. At the same time, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said his country was ready to deliver many essentials to India, including ventilators, digital x-ray machines and PPE kits. Pakistani opposition leaders also expressed their condolences on the situation arising from the Corona outbreak.

America Unable To Help India In Corona Crisis, America Surrounded, Said – Help Friend Quickly
Biden now trusts his help
US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have assured India of all kinds of support, including vital medical supplies and equipment needed to help India weather the deadly corona virus crisis. Biden said in a tweet that just as India sent aid to the United States when the pressure on our hospitals increased dramatically at the start of the global epidemic, we are determined to help India with this. period of need.

Now Pakistan has also offered aid to India, said – ready to send essentials including ventilator
Now Kamala Harris sleep too
US Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted that the United States is working closely with the Indian government to send additional support and supplies during the disturbing Kovid-19 outbreak. In addition to helping, we also pray for India’s fearless health workers, including its citizens. Biden and Harris’ tweets are the first response from top U.S. leaders after the recent deadly Kovid-19 outbreak in India. Friends of India in the United States called on the two to react slowly to help the country’s ally. Among those who criticize are the leaders of his own party.

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