US Air Force airlift 10 ISIS militants in Syria: US Air Force kidnapped 10 ISIS terrorists in Syria

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According to the Syrian government news agency, the US military kidnapped 10 ISIS militants. Syria said – ISIS militants could be used against the Syrian army. The United States opposes the government; US opposes Russia, open support
The United States carried out another intelligence operation after carrying out an airstrike against Iranian militia targets in Dera Al Jor, Syria. Syrian news agency Sana claimed that 10 ISIS militants were airlifted by the US military from the northeastern town of Ash Shadadi. Not only that, the agency also says that in order to send these terrorists out of the country, US military medics at the Al Tanf military base, located on the Syrian-Jordanian border, also performed a medical examination.

Syria accuses US military of serious charges
Syria has alleged that the US military is planning to use these terrorists to attack the Syrian army, civilians and highways. On Friday, the Syrian News Agency reported that 10 of the ISIS militants were brought by the US military from the industrial secondary prison in Al-Hasquah province to the Ash Shadadi Abyss base. From where he was sent to Al Tanf military base for a medical examination.

America only carried out airstrikes in Syria on Friday
Last Friday, the US military carried out heavy airstrikes against Iranian-backed militia targets in Syria. At least 22 Iranian militia fighters were killed in this attack. However, many more were seriously injured. In fact, the United States suspected that the militia had attacked the American embassy in Iraq with rockets, injuring three American soldiers. After which America took this action.

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America opposes Assad government
In Syria, the United States supports the Syrian Democratic Forces. This group opposes the Assad government. The Syrian government, which emerged from the recent fierce civil war, does not have control over the entire country. Due to which there are many opposing factions, including the Syrian Democratic Forces, which maintain control over large parts of the country. It is believed that Syria could become a battleground again with the new deployment of the US military.

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Syria has become a battleground between many countries
Syria, which was destroyed by ISIS terrorists, is emerging as a battleground between powerful countries around the world. There has already been an escalation of Russia and the United States. While Russia supports the Syrian government, the United States opposes it. The United States has supported the military squadrons of the Kurds, a minority faction in Syria. At the same time, Israel constantly attacks to eliminate the presence of Iranian militias in Syria. Turkey is also trying to strengthen its interests with the force of mercenaries in Syria.

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