US Air Force airstrike in Afghanistan: US air strike in Spin Boldak kills Taliban fighters Afghanistan: US air strike in Spin Boldak kills eight Taliban fighters

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The US Air Force carried out an airstrike on the Taliban bases in Spin Boldak This is the fourth American airstrike in a week, 8 Taliban fighters were chased by Pakistan from Spin Boldak.
Since the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, the United States has been targeting the rise of the Taliban around the world. Many countries, including China and Russia, described the ongoing violence in Afghanistan as a result of America. Since then, the US Air Force has killed 8 Taliban fighters in the Spin Boldak area near the Pakistani border by airstrikes. What is good is that during the bombing of the US Air Force on the border, Pakistan did not dare to say anything.

The Afghan planes were chased by Pakistan from here.
Spin Boldak, located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, is the same area the Taliban captured a few days ago. When the Afghan Air Force sent its planes to carry out airstrikes to drive out these fighters, they were driven out by the Pakistani Air Force with a warning of retaliation. Now that America has launched an airstrike, Pakistan has not dared to retaliate.

Afghan A-29 fighter jets were about to attack the Taliban, the Pak Air Force threatened and left!
US fighter jets detonate Taliban tank
US Air Force fighter jets targeted a Taliban armored tank in the Spin Boldak district of Kandahar province on Friday, Orband News reported. This tank is said to belong to the Soviet Union, which was modified and used by Taliban terrorists. Eight Taliban fighters were killed in this attack.

Afghan vice president slammed Taliban-Pakistan alliance, said – we know where the guns come from
The US Air Force is temporarily stationed in Kandahar
It was also said in this report that the US Air Force has camped at Kandahar Airport due to increasing Taliban attacks. From there, the US Air Force carries out air strikes in support of Afghan security forces in the southern and western regions of Afghanistan. The official said if Kandahar City faces a major risk, the US Air Force will use B52 planes to control the situation.

The United States is also surprised by the plan of the Taliban, terrorists in preparation to reach Afghanistan without going to war
The fourth US airstrike in a week
The B-52 is America’s deadliest bomber, capable of dropping conventional bombs anywhere, including the atomic bomb. This plane can destroy any big city with its bombs, traveling a long distance in a single flight. This is the US Air Force’s fourth airstrike last week. The Taliban have yet to comment on the matter.

F-16 fighter plane

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