US Air Force: US making ‘invisible weapon’ to deal with China and Russia to avoid radar – US Air Force to build unmanned aerial combat vehicle stealth for Skyborg’s avant-garde program

The US Air Force has begun work on building deadly stealth drones amid increasing military clashes in Asia and Europe. These new technological drones equipped with Ortific Intelligence (AI) will be used to attack and collect intelligence without being caught by enemy radar. Even in previous aerial maneuvers, drones equipped with AI technology have proven to perform better than humans. The good thing is that unlike other drones, no human will operate during their flight.

The Air Force awarded a contract for the construction of a prototype to three companies

The US Airforce Life Management Center (AFLMC) awarded contracts to three companies to build a prototype for another test in the summer of 2021. On Monday, the US Air Force announced it was was partnered with three private companies to manufacture mechanized prototypes by May 2021. Under this, $ 25.7 million was given to the American defense company Boeing, $ 14.3 million to General Atomics and 37 , $ 8 million to Kratos Unmanned Aerial System.

Skyberg Vanguard of America will be part of the program

Due to the technical intelligence technology of the drones of these three companies, it will not be necessary to operate humans. These drones will be part of the US Skyberg Vanguard program. As part of this program, these drones will provide human pilots in the air during the war. With their help, America will outnumber its enemies. They will be able to deal with any enemy threat in the air. It will also protect the precious lives of American pilots.

Kratos’ drone is powerful and stealthy

The three companies that the US Air Force has contracted to manufacture drones have extensive experience in this area. Kratos had already built the XQ-58 Valkyrie drone for the initial phase of the program. This stealth drone is similar to the American F-35 and F-22. It is believed that America can use it in future wars as well.

Boeing built stealth drone for Australia

Boeing also launched its first model for the Australian military earlier this year. Equipped with stealth technology, the drone was named the Boeing Airpower Trimming System or the Boeing Lyall Wingman Project. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, this drone can carry out any mission on its own.

GE Company Manufactures MQ-9 Mower Not Far Behind

General Atomics also recently announced its experimental Avenger drone. This drone has been replaced by the MQ-9 Reaper drone. Let us tell you, the world has seen the strength of the MQ-9 Reaper drone in the wars of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. Where he had broken the backs of his enemies. India is also preparing to purchase this drone. With a new software update, GE’s Avenger has shown its strength in drone aerial combat exercises.

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