US Air Strikes News: US Air Strikes: US airstrikes in Iraq, targeting bases of Iran-backed groups

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US airstrike on Iran-backed militia in Iraqi-Syrian border area targets operational and weapons storage targets in Air Strike Biden orders second attack in 5 months after becoming President Washington
US military forces carried out a defensive air strike against an Iranian-backed militia in the Iraqi-Syrian border region. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby gave this information. These Iranian-backed groups in Syria are also seen as a major threat to Israel. In such a situation, this action of America is very important.

Targeted for operational and weapons storage
According to the Pentagon press secretary, these targets have been targeted because they are used by Iranian-backed militias that are involved in UAV attacks against US troops and bases in Iraq. The United States in its airstrikes targeted two bases in Syria with operational and weapons storage and one in Iraq.

President Biden orders strike for second time in 5 months
However, it has not been revealed if anyone was killed or injured in the attack. Officials said his assessment was ongoing. The airstrike was carried out on the instructions of President Joe Biden, who ordered a retaliatory strike against the Iranian-backed militia for the second time within 5 months of assuming the presidency. Biden last ordered limited attacks in Syria in February. The attack was in response to rocket attacks in Iraq at the time.

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