US airstrike in Syria destroys several facilities used by Iran-backed militia: Joe Biden, US plane bombed Iran-backed militia in Syria in action

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The United States destroyed an Iranian-backed militia base in Syria by airstrike, and the same militia group launched a rocket attack on the American embassy in Iraq. A US serviceman was injured in a rocket attack in Thyrak and a contractor was killed. It has been done
The United States devastated the Iranian-backed militia base in Syria with a fierce airstrike. It is said that this militia carried out a rocket attack on the American embassy in Iraq. American soldiers were injured in the rocket attack and a contractor was killed. Joe Biden is believed to have made his intentions clear by launching an airstrike just a month after becoming president of Super Power America.

It is said that the United States may have carried out this airstrike in response to the rocket attack, but limited its range so that the tension did not build up. In addition, this attack was carried out in Syria to provide relief to the Iraqi government which is itself investigating the rocket attack of February 15. This air raid is the first military action of the Biden administration.
Rocket attack at Irbil airport in Iraq, US base targeted, civilian killed, 5 injured
Attack on orders from President Joe Biden
In its early days, the Biden administration expressed its intention to focus more on the challenge presented by China. Officials, on condition of anonymity, said the airstrike was carried out directly at the behest of President Joe Biden. Announcing the attack, the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon said this balanced military action was taken after discussions with its peers and diplomatic demarches.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said that through this military action, President Biden has given a clear message that we will protect the people from US and coalition forces. Let me tell you that in recent years the United States has taken several military actions. The rocket attacks on the US embassy in Iraq came at a time when Washington and Tehran are looking for ways to revive the nuclear deal reached in 2015.

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