US airstrikes against Iranian-backed militias in Syria

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Syria ignites on US Air Force airstrike, said Cowardice, who warned Biden not to follow desert law, said Iran – Syria will continue to help in fight against terrorism
There has been a ruckus since the US Air Force airstrikes against Iranian militia targets in Syria. The Syrian government has advised Joe Biden not to follow the law of the jungle, calling it America’s cowardice. At the same time, Iran has said it will continue to support Syria. A few days ago, the Russian Air Force also launched airstrikes on IAIS bases in Syria. Previously, neighboring Israel had also carried out several airstrikes on targets of Iranian-backed militias.

Syria recounted a vile attack
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has said it strongly condemns the cowardly US attack on Dera al Jor, near the Iraqi border. The Biden administration should follow international law and not the law of the jungle like its previous administration. During Trump’s tenure, the US military carried out several air and ground attacks in Syria.

Iran says it will continue to support Syria
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in telephone conversations with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad that Iran will continue to support the Syrian government in the fight against terrorism. As reported by the Tasnim News Agency, Zarif declared his commitment to the fight against terrorism and said that the Islamic Republic will continue to support Syria in its various fields and in its efforts to ensure security and stability.

America killed 22 pro-Iran fighters
At least 22 pro-Iran fighters were killed in a US Air Force airstrike in eastern Syria on Friday morning. Earlier on February 20, at least 21 ISIS terrorists were killed in a Russian airstrike. The attacks were carried out against ISIS targets in Aleppo, Hama and Raqqa.

Today Russia wreaks havoc in Syria, 21 ISIS terrorists killed in 130 airstrikes
Syria has become a battleground between many countries
Syria, which was destroyed by ISIS terrorists, is emerging as a battleground between powerful countries around the world. There has already been an escalation of Russia and the United States. While Russia supports the Syrian government, the United States opposes it. The United States has supported the military squadrons of the Kurds, a minority faction in Syria. At the same time, Israel constantly attacks to eliminate the presence of Iranian militias in Syria. Turkey is also trying to strengthen its interests with the force of mercenaries in Syria.

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