US airstrikes on the Taliban: US Air Force bombs Afghanistan and destroys Taliban positions – Pentagon says we launched recent airstrikes in Afghanistan to repel Taliban offensive

The United States took action after Taliban terrorists played a bloody game and captured more than half of the country’s districts. US Air Force fighter jets and drones selectively attacked Taliban positions throughout the night. This has been confirmed by the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon. It is said to be the first major airstrike by the United States after the withdrawal of American forces. The United States had warned the Taliban that it would launch airstrikes if the violence did not stop.

According to a report by Vice of America, the attack targeted military equipment and weapons that the Taliban had captured. The Taliban snatched him from the Afghan army. These attacks are said to have been carried out in Kandahar where Taliban terrorists continuously attack. Many people also claim that America also used its long range bomber in this attack.

Taliban now occupy half of Afghanistan
The United States has carried out airstrikes in Afghanistan in recent days in an attempt to help Afghan security forces fight Taliban guerrilla warfare, the PA reported. Reports of US airstrikes in Afghanistan came a day after the top US military official admitted that the Taliban had achieved “strategic momentum” and now occupied nearly half of Afghanistan’s more than 400 district centers.

However, the Pentagon did not give details of its airstrikes in Afghanistan. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters: “Without going into details, I can say that over the past few days we have carried out airstrikes to assist the National Defense and Security Forces. Afghan (ANDSF), but I am not aware of the strategy details of these attacks. But I won’t speak.

US military withdrawal over 95% complete
According to a CNN statement, a defense official said the US military carried out about six or seven airstrikes in the past 30 days, most with drones. At the same time, the US Central Command recently declared that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan was more than 95 percent complete. President Joe Biden has said the troop withdrawal will be completed by the end of August.

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