US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan returns to US this week for consultations: US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan will return home this week

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Repatriation of the American Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan: “We have not expelled, new tensions between Russia and the United States which will consult Ukraine can be observed at the Ukrainian border
Amid growing tension in relations between Russia and America, the US ambassador to Russia said he would return home for consultations. Russia said it did not order Ambassador John Sullivan to travel for consultations and only recommended that he do so amid the current tensions. Sullivan said in a statement he was due to return to the United States this week to discuss US-Russian relations with members of President Joe Biden’s administration. Sullivan said he would return to Moscow in the coming weeks.

Russia did not expel the American ambassador
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Tuesday that Sullivan had not been deported or ordered to leave the country, but would come to visit and consult with his family. Price said I hoped he would visit Moscow in the coming weeks. Sullivan said, “I haven’t even seen my family for a year. It is also a reason to leave.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia peak
Tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to escalate. Ukrainian diplomats have described the Russian army as “the biggest troop movement since World War II”. At the same time, US President Joe Biden called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to reduce tensions and avoid any military action. Ukrainian Army Sergeant Sasha Lovenko said troops and equipment could be seen pushing along the border and preparing to respond in the event of an attack.

Putin warned
Subsequently, Putin warned European countries, including the United States, not to cause tensions. The whole world is horrified to see the cavalry of Russian army soldiers and weapons heading for the Ukrainian border. At the same time, in response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call, Russia has brutally declared that it is free to make any military movement inside its country.

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