US and Sino-Russian arrogance to be lacking in preparing Pacific Ocean gateway with missiles – US deploys peaceful missile defense system to counter war threat in China and Russia

Amid mounting tensions from China and Russia, the United States decided to equip the Pacific Ocean and the China Sea with attack and interception missiles. The US Congress will approve the proposal following a warning from Admiral Philip S. Davidson, head of the Indo-Pacific command of the US Navy. It had days before a powerful US Congressional Defense Affairs Committee called on China and Russia to build a missile defense base to deal with growing threats. The Pentagon has requested approval of a budget of approximately $ 98 million for the establishment of an integrated ground-based air and missile defense system under the Indo-Pacific Detention Act. Through this defense system, the United States wants to simultaneously monitor the joint tricks of China and Russia. In fact, the United States is worried about its Guam naval base in the Pacific Ocean. Just last year, China released a fake video of the Guam attack. On the other hand, China created the world’s largest navy, leaving America behind.

Deploy an advanced missile defense system

The United States will establish an integrated defense system in Guam through this proposal. This system will track enemy missiles before they get damaged. The anti-missile system will be able to shoot it down in the air. It is told that its range will be around 500 kilometers. It would give America more time to defend itself. According to Japanese media Nikkei Asia reported, US military documents indicate that the greatest threat to the future of the United States is the rise of traditional blockades. Without a self-sufficient and secure defense capability, China can create pressure against American interests in the region. With the Indo-Pacific military balance more unfavorable, the United States may have to bear the additional risk. In such a situation, America’s enemies may try to change the status quo unilaterally.

China can attack Guam naval base

Admiral Philip S. Davidson said Guam is a target today. We must do all we can to protect it. We must also prepare for future threats. Guam isn’t the only place we think we can fight it. We really have to fight now to save him. Admiral Davidson’s proposal is part of the Pacific Deterrence Initiative (PDI). For which the US Department of Defense has proposed a budget of about 35.5 billion. The main objective of this initiative is to put an end to China’s gluttony in the region. The report also indicated that a joint force integrated with a precision missile array would be established west of the international data line as the first chain of islands to counter American enemies. In which the air missile defense system will be built as a second chain of islands with small contingents of the army.

America buys nuclear missile worth Rs 7 lakh crore

The United States is buying a new $ 100 billion (Rs.725,9105,000,000) anti-destructive weapon, amid mounting tensions from China and Russia. The strength of this missile is about 20 times that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This missile has the potential to ruin the Chinese capital Beijing in an instant after being launched from the United States. Although it has traveled 10,000 km thanks to the advanced guided system, this missile is capable of hitting its target with extreme precision. The US Air Force plans to place an order for 600 units of this missile. On September 8 of last year, the US Air Force signed a $ 13.3 billion contract with arms maker Northrop Grumman. This included the initial cost of setting up an engineering and manufacturing plant for this missile.

This weapon will be included in the US military by 2029

Bloomberg and the Arms Control Association claimed in their report that the United States is about to spend $ 100 billion to build this deadly weapon. The report also claimed that this weapon should be manufactured by 2029. If we talk about this total amount of the deal, then the United States can pay the salaries of more than 1.2 million teachers of the United States. primary for the following year from $ 100 billion. With this amount, a huge mechanical wall can be built to save New York City. But, given the country’s security and the growing strength of America’s enemies, the Pentagon has approved this deal. This nuclear missile will be replaced by a fleet of obsolete Mintman III missiles. The missile will be used for strategic US ground deterrence. Being an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) class missile, it will be deployed in secure underground missile targets. From where he can attack in any corner of the world after the launch. The missile has yet to be named, although it is expected that, like America’s older nuclear missiles, such as Atlas, Titan, and Peacekeeper, its name will also include both power and peace.

America can make a nuclear attack even before security

America’s nuclear missiles are not only intended to respond to attacks. It is also written in US nuclear policy that if the enemy is preparing to launch a nuclear attack on them, he can fire this destroyer missile even sooner. In other words, the United States is free to fire its nuclear missiles to prevent a nuclear attack. The United States currently has more than 3,800 nuclear bombs and missiles under defense doctrine. In fact, saying the power of nuclear missiles is also a considered strategy of each country. America’s clear premise is that if there is a nuclear attack on us, then we will take retaliation so enormous that it has never happened before. Many believe this theory of America to be successful. He claims this is the reason why no enemy has fired a nuclear missile at America before today. In fact, the world’s supreme power, America, has 3,800 nuclear weapons. These atomic bombs can destroy the whole world over and over again. The United States has 800 missiles to transport these nuclear weapons. These missiles can destroy any city in the world in the blink of an eye.

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