US approves Microsoft’s purchase of Nuance

After the takeover of Zenimax Media, it is now the turn of Nuance Communications, Microsoft’s latest multi-million dollar purchase, which is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities. On this occasion it seems that he passed his first obstacle before the approval by the American authorities.

United States approves purchase of Nuance Communications

The purchase of Nuance Communications aims to take Microsoft solutions in AI and other areas to the next level. In addition, this firm had a strong presence in the medical field and would be a market in which the Redmond giant aspires to enter to take advantage of its approach towards a digital transformation.

The $ 16 billion deal was announced in April to everyone’s surprise. Yes, there has been a good relationship between the two companies since 2019 and now that relationship takes it one step further by becoming the second largest acquisition in Microsoft’s history.

Interested parties have presented the documentation to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the date for presenting the allegations to the purchase expired on June 1. Thus, Microsoft has solved one of the problems that could arise during the closing of the deal.

According to a Microsoft representative, they expect the deal to pass further regulations in other jurisdictions to close the deal at the end of this year. It will take them about eight months to close the deal and pass all market regulations. Unlike other acquisitions such as LinkedIn or Zenimax Media, this time there is no public complaint about this acquisition.

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