US Army Special Operations Command begins testing anti-aging pill that could slow neurodegeneration

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The US military has manufactured a drug to prevent aging to further increase the capacity of soldiers, this special drug reduces or stops the effect of aging in humans developed after Washington.
The US military has developed a new anti-aging drug to further improve the capabilities of its soldiers. The trial of this drug will now begin. This medication slows down or stops the effects of aging. This drug was developed by the Special Operations Command of the United States Army. It is said that the US Department of Defense wants to increase the capabilities of soldiers, which is why this special drug was made.

According to the Breaking Defense report, the level of a compound substance increases with the US military drug. This should reduce inflammation and neurodegeneration. At the same time, the cells become young again. The US military will begin clinical trials of this drug from next year. Lisa Sanders, who is involved in the development of this drug, said if this trial was successful, this drug would have real potential to slow aging and prevent injuries from becoming serious.

The purpose of the drug is to increase the readiness of the army for its mission
The US military is teaming up with Metro International Biochem, a private biotechnology lab, to manufacture the drug. Special Operations Command spokesman Tim Hawkins said these efforts are not aimed at creating physical capabilities that don’t already exist naturally. The purpose of this drug is to improve the readiness and capacity of our military for its mission which decreases with old age.

The spokesperson said the drug can be used for both the military and the general public. With the use of medicine, the wounds of ordinary man or soldiers will soon be healed and they will be healed. Nutraceuticals are products that are extracted from foods and contain nutrients and minerals. This includes dairy products, etc. If the US military is successful in its experiment, then the soldiers will be able to wage war very well.

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