US Army Weapons and Equipment: US Army Supergun 1000 Mile Range Work Stopped Amid Tensions With China

The US military’s readiness for war suffered a major setback amid growing tensions with Russia and China. In the buzz of the new budget, the Army decided to stop research and development of superguns with a range of 1600 km. The army plans to transfer the budget to manufacture this mega cannon to its general expense account. According to US military sources, due to budgetary constraints, this money will be spent on the purchase of other advanced technologies.

Project suspended due to budget constraints
The manufacturing budget for the Strategic Long Range Canon (SLRC) was released on May 28, 2021. However, given fiscal constraints in fiscal year 2022, the military decided to transfer program money to the technological maturation initiative for the prototyping of supersystems and technological products. After which a huge fund of five and a half billion rupees will be used in the program to upgrade the technology.

Preparations were made to build on the design of the Cold War M-65 gun
This gun was to be built like the M-65 280mm gun from the Cold War era. In which preparations were underway to mount his gun on a movable platform. According to US officials, efforts were being made to make this platform capable of traveling on the railway line. So that this heavy cannon can be easily transported from one place to another.

M-65 cannon could fire atomic bombs
The M-65 cannon was designed to fire atomic bombs during the Cold War. This cannon is known as the Atomic Annie. This platform was mounted in a three-axle rear section at the front and rear of an 8×8 Oshkosh M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) tractor. The 83-ton M-65 was also tested several times, but never used an atomic bomb.

America prepares to buy super-destructive missiles
America buys new super destructive weapon worth 100 billion dollars (72,591,050,000 rupees). The power of this missile is about 20 times that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This missile has the capacity to destroy the Chinese capital Beijing in an instant after being launched from America. This missile is able to reach its target with extreme precision despite a displacement of 10,000 km thanks to the guided system made of advanced technology. The US Air Force has planned to place an order for 600 units of this missile.

America to spend $ 100 billion
Bloomberg and the Arms Control Association claimed in their report that the United States will spend around $ 100 billion to manufacture this deadly weapon. The report also claimed that this weapon would likely be manufactured by 2029. If we talk about this total amount of the deal, then America can pay salaries to over 1.2 million elementary teachers for the next year from $ 100 billion.

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