US ban on covid-19 vaccine raw materials: US first: State Department says on India’s demand for vaccine raw materials: US said on the export of the raw material of the covid vaccine to India, that for us, the vaccination of Americans is the first priority

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US Officially Refusing to Export Raw Materials for Vaccine Manufacturing to India, US State Department Spokesman Says – Americans are number one priority for us Indian Secretary of State S. Jaishankar and the Minister of Foreign Affairs also asked the United States.
The United States has again denied export restrictions on raw materials used to make anti-covid vaccines in India. A spokesperson for the US State Department said we would prioritize our citizens before responding to India’s request. He also said that we have a special responsibility to the American people. Despite appeals for help amid the tsunami of kovid growth in India, the global impact of denial of aid is visible.

America forgot India’s favor
This was the year the United States suffered the most from the corona virus infection last year, at the behest of then-President Donald Trump India exported millions of tablets of ‘hydroxychloroquine. However, the United States has refused to export raw materials to increase India’s vaccine production in times of difficulty, forgetting old favors.

Is vaccination less important for Indians?
A spokesperson for the US State Department argued that it is undoubtedly not only in our best interests that the American people be vaccinated, but that it is also a beneficial step for the rest of the world. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also had several talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken over vaccine raw materials. Indian Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla and US Assistant Secretary Wendy Sherman have also called for the restrictions to be lifted.

Biden’s appeal to his own party leaders unaffected
Several leaders of President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party have also openly called for helping India tackle this global epidemic. But, after this statement, it is believed that America is not going to help India in the recent past. Democratic Party MP Edward Markey said in a tweet that we have all the resources to help those in need and that is also our moral responsibility.

Has America become India’s friend to protect China? Do not provide products for the manufacture of vaccines
Many U.S. lawmakers have called for India’s help
MP Gregory Meeks, chairman of the US Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed concern about the situation in India due to the outbreak. MP Haley Stevens said she wanted to give a big boost to the Indian people struggling with the Kovid-19 outbreak. Stevens said I pray for families facing the epidemic in India and urge the international community to coordinate so that people there can be helped.

Many countries have extended their aid using Corona, not only friends but also offered “ enemies ”
Question on America’s intention of friendship with India
America’s stubborn attitude has also raised questions about the intention of its friendship with India. Right now, the whole world is grappling with the corona epidemic. Each country is busy helping other countries to come out of all disputes. In such a situation, what was the need of the United States to stop the raw material to increase vaccine production in India. Is America’s friendship with India only for the good of China?

US lawmakers call for help from India against Corona, will Biden lift ban on vaccine raw materials?
India’s immunization program could be affected
This stubborn attitude of the United States is expected to affect not only the friendship with India, but also the vaccination program. Every day there are record Corona cases and deaths in India. In such a situation, the government announced to apply the vaccine to all people over the age of 18 from May 1. If vaccine production does not increase, immunization of the entire Indian population may take time.

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