US Ban on Covid-19 Vaccine Raw Materials: US to Swiftly Deploy Additional Support to India

The United States has opened its mouth for the first time when it does not help India in the tragedy caused by the Corona virus. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said all his sympathies are with the Indian people. He also said that we are working closely with the Indian government. On the other hand, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has also shown his confidence in India and provided swift assistance.

Foreign Minister said – will help quickly
Antony Blinken said that we stand firmly with India in the face of the huge Kovid infection which has spread to India. We are working closely with our partner, the Indian government, on this issue. We will increasingly provide additional support to help Indian and Indian health workers.

The US NSA said: work 24 hours a day
On the other hand, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US is very concerned about the corona outbreak in India. We are working around the clock to provide more supplies and support to our friend and colleague India. With this, they will be able to courageously fight the epidemic of Bhishma. Everything else will happen very soon.

America will not donate raw material to manufacture India Corona vaccine, “ America First ” Bol Bada Palla
Will America remove the ban on vaccine raw materials?
After two consecutive statements from two senior US officials, the Biden administration is expected to lift the export ban on raw materials used to make the Kovid vaccine. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also had several talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken over vaccine raw materials. Indian Foreign Minister Harsh Shringla and US Assistant Secretary Wendy Sherman have also called for the restrictions to be lifted.

Many countries have extended their aid using Corona, not only friends but also offered “ enemies ”
Many countries have offered aid to India
Russia has offered to supply Remedesvir and oxygen to India. Amid the current tension in Ladakh, China has also offered to help India negotiate with Corona. However, India has not given any formal consent for any country’s assistance. French President Emmanuel Macron sent a message of solidarity to the Indians fighting against Corona and offered their help. Many American lawmakers have also expressed their condolences over India.

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