US cannabis law: US lower house passed the law, cannabis use is not a crime – US lower house passed the law cannabis use is not a crime

For the first time, US lawmakers voted to eliminate cannabis use from the category of crime. The House of Representatives, the lower house of the majority US parliament in the Democratic Party (Congress), approved the change by 164 votes to 228. Even after being passed by the lower house, it is highly unlikely to be passed by the Senate of the upper house where the Republican Party has a majority.

The approval of the House of Representatives is seen as a major step towards uniformity of federal and state laws. Besides America, many other countries have also approved the use of cannabis. After the passage of this bill, cannabis will be removed from the list of dangerous laws such as heroin and cocaine from federal law.

According to federal laws, the use of these dangerous drugs carries severe penalties in the United States. Unlike federal laws, several states in the United States have approved the use of marijuana. Not only that, in some states like Colorado, the ban on cannabis consumption has been lifted completely. There has been a demand in the United States for the past 5 decades to approve the use of cannabis.

Explain that in the historic United Nations vote, cannabis was finally recognized as a medicine. It was removed from the list of narcotic drugs by the United Nations Drugs Commission following a recommendation from the World Health Organization. Previously, it was said that cannabis was much less beneficial for health. The UN drug list also included heroin cannabis.

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