US Capitol Hill News Live: US LIVE: 4 dead in violence by supporters of Donald Trump, tense atmosphere – Violence in the United States Capitol provides live update of scores of deaths after pro Trump clashes

Violence on Capitol Hill, the parliamentary complex of supporters of US President Donald Trump, has so far left four dead and three in critical condition. So far, 52 people have been arrested. It is said that among those killed is a woman who was shot dead by the police. In addition, three others died during treatment. Meanwhile, the atmosphere remains tense amid the curfew in the capital Washington DC due to the violence.

Police said supporters of Donald Trump used chemicals during the violence to capture the Parliament complex. However, later a large number of the police were driven out. He said the crowd was trying to dismantle the barricades on the Capitol building and the police had to shoot to remove them. In this, the woman was shot and died during the treatment. The curfew was imposed in the nation’s capital, Washington, amid deteriorating conditions. Even after that, large numbers of protesters took to the streets in violation of the curfew.

Trump’s objections to Biden’s Arizona win dismissed
Police said two homemade bombs were also found. Meanwhile, the US Parliament rejected Trump’s objections to Biden’s victory in Arizona and upheld the election results. Meanwhile, U.S. First Lady Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham and White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews have resigned after violence on the Capitol Hill campus by supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. Grisham also served as the White House press secretary.

Previously, supporters of US President Donald Trump forced their way into Parliament on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and criticized the violence, although they were not ready to give up even after a bitter loss in the US presidential election. Trump supporters entered the Capitol building, called the symbol of American democracy, while preparing to officially declare Congressman Joe Biden an election victory. Trump supporters suddenly entered Parliament and security personnel had to take MPs to military camp.

Opponents of Trump have called it an attempted civil war.
Following violence by Trump supporters, a large number of security forces have been deployed inside Parliament and work has now resumed. On the flip side, Trump’s opponents have called it an attempted civil war. Meanwhile, leaders around the world are critical of the violence. Trump supporters have repeatedly clashed with police outside the Capitol building and many have also made it into Parliament. During this time, there was an atmosphere of chaos in Parliament and many MPs had to quit their jobs from inside the House. At the same time, the doors to the Senate were safely closed.

It is said that the deputies were taken to a US Army camp for their safety. In the United States, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Trump’s opposition to Arizona’s electoral vote was debated in the Senate. Meanwhile, we hear that the protesters have entered and are outside the Senate Chamber. After that, the debate was stopped. The protesters reached the third floor of the Senate and meanwhile they were shouting slogans violently. Security personnel had to shoot a gun to chase the protesters away.

Security personnel put guns on protesters entering Parliament

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