US Capitol Nancy Pelosi: If President Nancy Pelosi catches the crowd in the US capital, then the crowd kills: Democratic leader – Democratic leader says mob wanted to kill Nancy Pelosi in attack on US Capitol

Leaders of the Democratic Party in the United States say police removed Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol complex on Jan.6 because she was concerned about their safety. During the second impeachment hearing against Donald Trump, prosecutors played an audiotape in which Pelosi staff were heard screaming for help.

He also showed footage showing the crowd trying to break down Pelosi’s office door. Pelosi (80) often targeted former President Donald Trump. House impeachment official Stacey Plaskett said Pelosi was evacuated to safety, with some rioters publicly saying they wanted to kill or injure Pelosi.

He said if the rioters had found Pelosi they would have killed them. He said: “He did this because Trump sent him on this mission.”

Violence erupted outside the US parliament earlier this year on January 6. Leaders from different countries have called for a peaceful transfer of power. UN Secretary General Antonio Gutarais spokesman Stephen Dujarric said: “The Secretary General is saddened by the events at the US Capitol in Washington DC”. In such a situation, it is important that political leaders persuade their supporters to refrain from violence and believe in the democratic process and the rule of law ”.

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