US CDC issues warning in action against Pfizer Corona vaccine ‘reaction’ – US CDC issues Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination guidelines after allergic reactions

After Britain, the Trump administration took action after two health workers fell ill with the Corona vaccine in the United States. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning on Saturday, saying they were closely monitoring the whole matter. The CDC has issued a warning that anyone who has experienced a severe reaction after receiving a dose of the corona virus vaccine should not receive a second dose.

Who would be considered allergic to the vaccine?

The CDC also said that after the vaccine is administered, if the patient is given epinephrine, an anti-allergic drug, or if they need to be admitted to the hospital, it is considered a severe case of a reaction. . The CDC also said that people who may have severe allergies to any of the ingredients in the corona vaccine should also avoid the vaccination.

Special warning to people with a history of allergy

The CDC said people who have had any type of allergy in the past should see their doctor before getting the shot. Previously, there were no restrictions on vaccination for allergy sufferers in the United States. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating five allergic reactions that occurred after the Pfizer-BioNotech dose of the Corona vaccine.

Moderna vaccine will also not be given to people with allergies

Moderna’s Corona virus vaccine, cleared for emergency use in the United States, was also banned two days ago for people with severe allergies. The FDA issued an order saying this vaccine can also harm people with a history of allergies. In such cases, it should not be given to those who have had an allergy in the past.

Two health workers fell ill after vaccination in Alaska

Two health workers fell ill after receiving the Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer in Alaska. He had severe allergic effects on the vaccine. A health care worker became allergic only 10 minutes after the vaccine was given. Anaphylactic symptoms have occurred in people who have had vaccine reactions. There are problems like a swollen tongue, a hoarse voice, and difficulty breathing.

It is therefore a matter of concern for India

The Indian unit of Pfizer Company has requested authorization from the Comptroller General of Indian Medicines (DGCI) for emergency use of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine. After the vaccine is approved in the UK, Pfizer and Biontech are expected to get it approved in other countries in the coming days. There is no such government data in India, so one can know which patients had the first cases of allergy. In such a situation, if the vaccine is given to a person with a high risk of allergy, it can have serious consequences.

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