US CDC report claims corona virus spreads to China after US

Corona virus infection did not begin to spread in the United States until December 2019. A few weeks later it was found in China and a month later the health administration received its first case. A government study published on this subject has come to light. Significantly, since the start of the epidemic, the United States has attacked China for failing to handle the epidemic properly and for hiding the truth. Tensions between the two countries could take a new turn with the latest study.

CDC did the study
According to the Wall Street Journal, the study strengthened evidence that the virus was spreading around the world before the health administration and researchers were made aware of the infection. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) studied 7,389 blood samples collected from the American Red Cross. Out of that, an infection was found in 106. This study was published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Antibodies found
These samples were taken between December 13 and January 17. These were then tested to see if they contained anti-corbidase antibodies. Researchers said in the report that it was possible that the SARS-CoV-2 infection did not occur in the United States until December 2019, when it would have arrived later.

America has targeted China
Significantly, since the outbreak of the global epidemic, America has attacked China. US President Donald Trump has called Corona a Chinese virus. The first reports of infection from Hubei spread to Wuhan, after which it spread around the world. China has denied the accusation and other countries have accused it of hiding information and lying. The WHO has also been accused of keeping the world in the dark with China.

China blamed India
At the same time, a team of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the corona virus was probably born in India in the summer of 2019. This Chinese team claimed that the corona virus entered humans via the water contaminated by animals. It then reached Wuhan from where the corona virus was first identified. However, David Robertson, an expert from the University of Glasgow, UK, told the Daily Mail that Chinese research is very flawed and does not increase our understanding of the corona virus at all.

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