US-China Meeting: US-China Meeting in Alaska Today

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Amid tensions, US and China will meet in Alaska today
The United States and China are going to have a bilateral meeting for the first time today after Biden became president. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan will meet in Anchorage, Alaska, China’s two top Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Communist Party of China foreign chief Yang Jiechi. The day before, the United States had announced a new ban on China on the question of Hong Kong.

China and America are not ready to back down
When senior officials from the United States and China meet in Alaska, the two countries will face a new test of strained relations. Relations between the world’s two largest economies are in conflict and President Joe’s administration. Biden. is ready to take a step back from the drastic measures taken during the reign of former President Donald Trump. China has also not indicated any easing of the pressure.

There will be discussions on these issues
The meeting could discuss trade and human rights in Tibet, Hong Kong, China’s western Xinjiang region, Taiwan, China’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea and the global epidemic of corona virus. There is no hope of any agreement during the meeting. A senior administration official said: “This is actually a one-off meeting.” It is not a repeat of the process of starting a dialogue. ”

America imposed a new ban on China a day earlier
Just a day before the meeting, Blinken announced new sanctions against Hong Kong officials for China’s crackdown on democracy supporters. In response, China has stepped up its opposition to US intervention in its internal affairs. The White House has no special expectations for the first face-to-face meeting to be held in Anchorage.

The two countries have no hope of the meeting
Ahead of the meeting, a senior administrative official called the talks an opportunity for the two sides to “take stock” of the relationship. He said the two sides will not issue any joint statements after the talks and that there is no expectation of a major announcement after the talks. The Chinese ambassador to the United States also said in a statement to Chinese media on Wednesday that he did not expect any hope from the Alaska meeting. However, he also hopes that this will pave the way for a better dialogue.

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