US China news: US relations with China J-8 Grumman fighter upgrade story: US helped China modernize its J-8 fighter jet

America and China today are pitting themselves against each other on many issues. Several times the fear of war was also expressed in both countries. But do you know that US relations with China have not always been strained. There was a time when the United States technically had great help in modernizing Chinese fighter jets. For this reason, China was able to strengthen the J-8II fighter plane. At the same time, China today has become America’s biggest challenge in defense, trade, diplomacy.

America’s hand to make China strong
Today, the Chinese Air Force owns a fifth-generation J-20 fighter jet. Even though China did it by stealing technology from the US Air Force’s F-35, it has the least power to dodge the radar. For this reason, he continues to intimidate his neighbors in the coming days. The J-8II fighter plane, built in collaboration with the American aircraft manufacturer Grumman, is outdated. China has prepared several advanced fighter jets, including the current J-10 multirole fighter, using technology from this aircraft.

Sino-American friendship deepened in 1979
The history of the American company Grumman manufacturing B-2 bombers under the Chinese J-8II fighter program began in 1979. At that time, relations between the United States and China were going through a period consolidation. In the same year, the US government recognized Beijing as the official capital of China and denied Taiwan’s claim to the capital of Taipei. With it began a new commercial and diplomatic relationship between China and America. This new relationship has also affected the global arms market.

China has become a major buyer of US arms
China began sourcing large quantities of weapons from US companies after official approval from the US State Department. This is the reason why the Chinese military still operates many Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk utility helicopters. With the purchase of American weapons, China decided to seek American assistance in building J-8 fighter jets for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). China’s fighter aircraft industry, hampered by the impact of Mao’s Cultural Revolution with American cooperation, has gained a lot of strength.
America is ready to upgrade the J-8
China started building the Shenyang J-8 in the 1960s with the cooperation of Russia. This combat aircraft was to be built as an interceptor aircraft flying long distances at high altitude. The aircraft was developed from the J-7, a compact twin-engine combat aircraft. Its first prototype first flew in 1969. However, the Chinese Air Force refused to include the aircraft after testing it. This led to the creation of an improved version of this aircraft, the J-8 II. Even then, the Chinese Air Force was not entirely satisfied.

America gives F-16 technology
After that, China approached the United States to modernize this fighter plane. Meanwhile, the United States has said that China is a big buyer of weapons, helping to modernize this aircraft. After that, an official program of military assistance was launched under the supervision of the US Air Force. The event has been dubbed the Peace Pearl. In this plane, the United States supplied the technical technology of the F-16 fighter jets to China.

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