US, China relaunch climate cooperation: US and China start climate change negotiations

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US, China Begin Climate Change Negotiations, Only 30% of Total Global Carbon Emissions Returned to Chinese Sepsis Deal, Biden Endorses Beijing
Biden has already hinted that he was working closely with China after Donald Trump left. Now the United States and China have started to work together on a serious issue like climate change. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin confirmed that Chinese Special Envoy for Climate Change Xiechanhwa has started consultations with US Special Envoy John Kerry.

Both countries worry about climate change: China
Wang Wenbin said that together with the Chinese special envoy for climate change, the Chinese government takes the issue of climate change seriously. China and the United States will solve this serious problem with the cooperation of the international community. He also said that the two countries will also focus on the strict implementation of the Paris Agreement, so that the issue of global climate change can be addressed.

America’s relations with China at the lowest level
Relations between the United States and China are at their worst. The two countries are face to face on a range of issues, including trade, the origin of the corona virus, China’s aggressive military action in the contested South China Sea and human rights. The United States has already banned many Chinese companies for theft of intellectual property.

China emits 30% of the world’s carbon
John Kerry said last month that the weather itself is a big problem. The United States has to deal with this bearing in mind that China alone produces 30% of global emissions. America emits 15 percent. With the European Union, the trio emits around 55%. Therefore, to move forward, he must find a way to differentiate himself. We will see what happens on this subject.

There will be no agreement with China on any other matter
Kerry has indicated that President Joe Biden’s administration will not compromise on issues such as intellectual property theft and the South China Sea (SCS) with China to agree on the current issue of climate change. President Joe Biden is clear on the need to address other issues related to China. No problem will be merged.

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