US Citizenship Act 2021: US Citizenship Act 2021 to be presented to Congress today: US Citizenship Bill 2021 to be presented to the United States Parliament today

Strong points:

The -2021 US Citizenship Bill will be introduced in the US Parliament today; Thousands of Indian professionals will be the means to obtain American citizenship; Professionals waiting for a Safgreen card will benefit the most
The US Citizenship Bill -2021 will be presented today in the US Parliament. Thanks to this, the previous ban on restricting the number of migrants from a country for an employment-based green card will be removed. This decision will benefit thousands of Indians working in American IT companies.

Biden administration to overturn Trump’s law
This milestone in the government led by President Joe Biden will also pave the way for professionals who have been waiting for more than 10 years for a green card to live permanently. The Indians will benefit most from the enactment of this law. Senator Bob Menendez will introduce the bill to the Senate and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez to the House of Representatives.

The White House will be sent after its passage in Parliament
After his time in Parliament, he will be sent to the White House where President Joe Biden will sign him. The bill was sent to Parliament after Biden was sworn in on Jan.20. Under this, pending employment based visas will be approved. The visa limits for each country will also be removed and the waiting time will be reduced.

Indians will benefit the most
The bill also provides for the convenience of graduates of STEM subjects from American universities to make their stay in America. It is worth noting that India has the highest number of students at US universities for degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

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