US Congress Criticizes China Over Ladakh LAC Hostility In National Defense Authorization Law: Shocking China Over Ladakh, US Parliament Takes Firm Position To Show Aggression Toward India

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China suffered a major setback in eastern Ladakh, with its eyes riveted on Indian soil. The US congressional bill condemned China’s aggressive stance towards India. The bill took the form of a law as the House rejected Trump’s veto on Washington.
China suffered a major setback in Ladakh with its eyes closed on Indian soil. A bipartisan US congressional bill condemns China’s aggressive stance towards India. The bill has now taken the form of a law, with the House having rejected Donald Trump’s veto on it. The House rejected Trump’s veto on the US $ 740 billion defense policy bill. The bill also includes condemnation of actions taken by the Chinese government along the real line of control, among other things.

The “ National Defense Authorization Act ” (NDAA) came into effect on Friday. He also has a proposal that calls on the Chinese government to end the military offensive against India along the real line of control. President Donald Trump vetoed the bill on December 23. However, the bill received support from Democratic and Republican lawmakers. At the same time, President Trump said it contained such provisions, which threatened national security.

It’s a shock to him in the final days of Trump’s tenure. Indo-American MP Raja Krishnamurthy said: “Today, on the occasion of the New Year, Parliament passed the National Defense Authorization Act through a vote in the House. It also contains some points of my proposal in which China was urged to end its aggressive stance towards India and the Indo-Pacific region.

Deadlock continues on real line of control in Ladakh
The standoff over the Line of Effective Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh has continued between China and India since May of last year. Several steps have been taken between the two countries to get out of this impasse, but so far no concrete results have emerged. Krishnamurthy said: “China’s military aggression against India along the line of real control is not acceptable nor is such a position anywhere. Furthermore, the things written in this law give a clear message of support and solidarity to India and other allies around the world as they enter the New Year.

“Serious concern” has been expressed in the “National Defense Authorization Act” about China’s continuing aggressive stance towards India at the border. The NDAA says China should “work to reduce tensions with India through existing diplomatic mechanisms and refrain from attempting to settle the dispute forcefully.”

US Congress shocked China in Ladakh

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