US Congress slashes Trump, removes veto on defense spending fund – US Congress rescinds Donald Trump’s veto on defense spending bill

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US Congress lifts Donald Trump’s veto on defense spending bill by majority vote
The United States Congress dealt a heavy blow in the final days of President Donald Trump’s tenure. Congress rejected Trump’s veto on the Defense Spending Fund (National Defense Authorization Act). Let’s say this is the first time during Trump’s four-year presidential term. Members of his own party played an important role in rejecting Trump’s veto.

Trump’s veto was ineffective for the first time
Previously, Trump had vetoed a total of eight bills. After that, these bills could never take the form of a law. However, this time, parliament removed Trump’s veto. Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday. Even then, Trump’s advisers advised him not to.

Trump had opposed the provisions of the bill
The US Congress has approved spending of $ 740 billion over one year for the country’s defense policy. President Donald Trump has vetoed some of the provisions of the bill, refusing to sign it, as contested. Trump had opposed the arrangements for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Europe.

Parliament abolished its veto by majority
According to the US Constitution, a two-thirds majority in parliament is required to lift the president’s veto. The Senate then voted to overrule Trump’s veto by an 81–13 majority. In that vote, lawmakers in Trump’s, Republican party also voted in favor of lifting the veto.

Democratic Party criticized
The Democratic Party has criticized President Trump for vetoing the bill. President Nancy Pelosi said Trump’s decision put U.S. national security at risk. In two days, new parliamentarians will be sworn in in the United States. Joe Biden will take charge on January 20.

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