US coronavirus report: US report on the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus in China: investigation into the US accusation of the China Institute of Virology into the origin of the corona virus

The United States, which attacked China over the Corona virus, released a report raising questions about the Wuhan-based Institute of Virology and demanded further investigation. In this report from the US Home Office, the United States alleged that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has systematically stopped being the subject of a transparent investigation into the origin of the Kovid-19 epidemic. and lent his strength to spread lies. The United States did not directly claim that the virus had spread from China, but mentioned many possibilities, ranging from the spread from animals to humans and leaks due to the lab incident.

“ The virus spread in 2019 ”
The report, titled “ Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, ” says the US government has enough reason to believe that many researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology will fall ill in 2019 before the first pandemic case is identified. Was gone. This raises the question of how one can believe the assertion by WIV principal researcher Xi Zhengli that no cases were noticed among the staff or students of the institute.

“ China has reason to doubt ”
The report also noted that the SARS epidemic had spread to China in 2004 earlier. It has been alleged that the CCP previously blocked independent journalists, investigators, and world health authorities from interviewing WIV researchers. This also includes those who fell ill in 2019. Any reliable investigation into the origin of the virus must include questions and answers from these people.

‘Register at WHO’
The United States has demanded that WHO investigators obtain all records of work done on WIV bats and other corona viruses. During the investigation, they should find out why WIV first changed and then deleted the online records of RaTG13 and other viruses.

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