US Delegation to Taiwan Visit: China Taiwan Tension Latest South China Sea Updates: Chinese Naval Maneuver in the South China Sea

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China fueled by the arrival of a US delegation in Taiwan, Chinese maneuvers near Taiwan, Chinese warships rain shells and the bomb repeatedly warned not to play with fire
China has launched a live fire drill in the South China Sea, supported by the visit of the US delegation to Taiwan. Coast Guard ships are also participating in this exercise with the Chinese Navy. The real purpose of this six-day Chinese exercise is to warn the United States and Taiwan. The Chinese navy aircraft carrier is also participating.

China demonstrates power near Taiwan
China’s Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration reported that all other boats were banned for six days south of the Penghu Islands in the Taiwan Strait. Naval warships, as well as combat aircraft and submarines fire weapons in the area. The exercise will end on Tuesday.

Taiwanese President meets with US delegation
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen met with the US delegation Thursday morning. The delegation also includes former US Senator Chris Dodd and former Assistant Secretary Richard Armitage as well as James Steinberg. These leaders are considered special for US President Joe Biden. Joe Biden is said to have sent these leaders to demonstrate America’s commitments to Taiwan.

China Taiwan Tension: China exasperated by US Foreign Minister’s warning, China’s biggest incursion into Taiwan with 25 fighters
US Secretary of State warns China
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned China against attacking Taiwan. He said that China’s aggressive action really concerns us. Blinken stressed that Taiwan has the full capacity to respond to China. The United States is also committed to peace and security in the Western Pacific.

Taiwan said – will fight to the last breath
Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said we were ready to defend ourselves without asking questions and if we were to fight the war we would fight to the last breath. He also said that if we were to protect our people to the end, we would not back down. China is irritated by this statement by the Taiwanese foreign minister.

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