US Department of Energy: Great Cyber ​​Attack on US Nuclear Arsenal, Hackers Blast Many Important Documents – US Nuclear Weapons Agency Department of Energy and Administration national nuclear security authorities were violated amid a massive cyber attack

There has been a major cyberattack on the National Atomic Security Administration (NNSA) and Department of Energy (DOE) network, which oversees America’s nuclear weapons reserves. It is claimed that hackers stole large amounts of confidential files during this time. At least half a dozen federal agencies were affected by this cyberattack.

Hacking Notice Sent to US Congress
According to a report from US Media Politico, Rocky Campione, the chief information officer of the Department of Energy, confirmed the incident. After that, the National Atomic Security Administration and Department of Energy team sent all the information about the hack to the US Congressional Committee. Soon, a statement on this can be released by the government.

Hackers broke into these American agencies
Agencies in which security officials have recorded suspicious activity include the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) of New Mexico and Washington, Sandia National Laboratory New Mexico, and Los Alamos National Laboratory in Washington, Safe Transport Office of the National Atomic Security Administration and the Richland Field Office. Are included. All of these departments control America’s nuclear weapons reserves and ensure their safe transportation.

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Federal agencies launch investigation
US officials have reported that these hackers can cause more damage to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission than other agencies. Officials said they found the most intrusive evidence in the agency’s network. In this case, the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency assists the US federal services in investigations related to hacking activity.

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U.S. cybersecurity has been weakened under the Trump administration
The primary responsibility for cybersecurity in the United States rests with the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). However, this agency has been considerably weakened in the Trump administration. Several senior CISA officials, including its former director Christopher Krebs, have been ousted by the Trump administration or have resigned in recent weeks.

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No information on data theft
U.S. officials have yet to obtain information on the amount of information stolen by hackers. Federal agencies are now discovering the information that hackers have accessed and stolen. Officials said within days he would assess the amount of information stolen from his network.

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