US diplomats from Russia: US expels Russian diplomats, new restrictions on three dozen person-companies – US bans Russian diplomats imposes new restrictions

The Joe Biden administration on Thursday announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and sanctions against nearly three dozen Russian people and businesses. The United States has taken steps to hold Russia accountable for its meddling in last year’s presidential elections and violation of federal agencies.

Such an action had been planned by the administration for several weeks. For the first time, restrictive measures were taken against Russia, through US intervention in the elections and retaliation against piracy. Russian burglars are believed to have violated software widely used to hack the networks of at least nine agencies, and US officials believe they attempted to gather secret information from the US government.

US officials alleged last month that Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed a campaign to help former US President Donald Trump so Trump can become president again, but there is no evidence that Russia or anyone else manipulated the votes or the results.

The sanctions announced Thursday include restrictions on six Russian companies that contribute to the country’s cyber business. On top of that, 32 people and bodies were banned for trying to interfere in last year’s presidential election and spread.

The White House said the 10 dismissed diplomats included representatives of Russian intelligence services. He also said Biden was using diplomatic, military and intelligence channels to respond to reports that Russia had instigated the Taliban to attack US and Allied troops in Afghanistan.

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