US diplomats will place major responsibility on Ujra Jeya, who presented a strategic partnership with Biden, India – ten years ago, India presented a strategic partnership for the United States; ujra jeya mp

Indo-American diplomat Ujra Zeya, who has been appointed to a key position in the Biden administration, has been instrumental in preparing the framework for the Indo-American strategic partnership, which has received bipartisan support over the last decade. An American senator said that. Senator Tim Kayne said so when introducing Jeya at a confirmation hearing for the post of Under Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights. Jeya also served in New Delhi in his diplomatic career.

Jeya left the foreign service in 2018, protesting against the policies of former President Donald Trump. Kayne told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a hearing to seal Jeya’s name last week: “In India, he described a strategic partnership almost ten years ago that still enjoys a bipartisan support. ” This America is still working as a source for the founding of the Indian-Pacific Partnership. ”

“Jeya has taken new bilateral initiatives to support gender equality in Afghanistan and to help organize fair and free elections abroad,” he said. Kayne said Jeya served under the reigns of five presidents (three Republicans and two Democrats) and made outstanding contributions for 28 years as a foreign service officer on four continents.

She said she was working as the Acting Deputy Secretary for Human Rights, Democracy and Labor. In this role, he led the UN-US human rights negotiations with China, Egypt and Bahrain.

Kayne said she was the proud daughter of Indo-American immigrants. She will be the first Asian American woman to hold the position of Under Secretary of State and I believe she is fully prepared for this position. Jeya told MPs her grandfather was a freedom fighter in India.

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