US election expenses 2020: the 2020 US presidential election, the most expensive election, is expected to spend $ 14 billion – the 2020 US primary election the most expensive election is expected to spend $ 14 billion

New York
This year’s presidential election in America will be the most expensive election in the country’s history. It is estimated that this election will cost twice as much as the previous presidential election. This time around $ 14 billion is expected to be spent. The research group “The Center for Responsive Politics” said there had been a huge increase in political donations in the last month before the poll.

The group said that because of this, the $ 11 billion spent on this election was left behind. The research group said the 2020 election will cost $ 14 billion, shattering all old election spending records. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden will be the first candidate in U.S. history to receive $ 1 billion from donors, according to the group.

His campaign received $ 93.8 million on October 14, bolstering Democrats’ eagerness to defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump. At the same time, Trump has raised $ 596 million from donors to campaign. The research group said: “Despite the epidemic, everyone is giving more money to the 2020 election, whether they are ordinary people or billionaires.”

The group said in a statement that this time the women broke the donation record. Let us know that the campaign for the presidential election to be held on November 3 in the United States is at its peak. Donald Trump and Joe Biden fiercely attack each other. Donald Trump and his wife have already voted for the election.

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