US election result civil war: US president sells weapons ahead of election, internal conflict looms – exceptional firearms sales ahead of US primary elections result in impending internal conflict in America

Chidanand Rajghatta, Washington State
As the presidential election clock draws closer in the United States, the arms sales graph is rising. Walmart, a retailer of goods, has banned the sale of firearms and ammunition in its retail stores across the United States after savage gun purchases. Walmart has taken this step at a time when there is a possibility of violent confrontation and the threat of internal strife if a standoff arises over election results or a unilateral outcome.

Gun sales have increased this year due to fewer guns and closures in the United States due to the Corona virus. Apart from this, the racial dispute and political tensions have also increased the sale of guns. According to one estimate, 50 lakh people said they bought the weapon for the first time. America has more guns than the total population, which is the highest in the world in terms of gun ownership.

It is estimated that there are 120.5 weapons per 100 civilians. Among those who feared internal strife after the results of the US presidential election were Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others. Zuckerberg said: “I am afraid that our country is very divided and that it may take a few days and weeks to finalize the election results. The danger of internal conflicts has appeared throughout the country.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that the right-wing militia stands ready to act if the election results go against him. Trump’s own administration has viewed this militia as the main threat and the main suspect of incitement to violence. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin are the most important in terms of elections, and this is where the risk of armed militia action is highest.

These militias run their parallel organization like the police. The nine proud boys of the faction, Patriot Prayer, Oath Keepers, Light Foot Militia, Civil Defense Force, American Consensus and Bogalu Boise are the most active. Many of these groups have openly supported Donald Trump. Trump also praised these groups. At the same time, Trump is questioning the electoral process and says he won’t agree if the results go against him.

On Friday, Trump cast doubt on the voting process. On the other hand, election analysts claim that voter fraud and ballot forgery are very rare in America. Not only that, it has no significant effect on the latter. On the other hand, the armed militias say that if Trump doesn’t get victory, he will take to the streets. Cases have been started in several states in the United States over whether to allow the taking of firearms at polling stations.

A Michigan judge gave permission to carry a gun. Trump supports this decision. There are only a few hours left in the US election, but Trump is 8% behind in favor of the popular votes of his opponent Joe Biden. Even after that, no poll analyst has said Trump no longer wins the election.

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