US election result stuck: US election: where the result is stuck, can Trump still come back, know everything – 2020 US election where the result is stuck can always come back Donald Trump know everything

The tally continues in the United States for the second day in a row after the presidential election. Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is just 6 steps from the magic number of 270 votes. On the other hand, his rival Donald Trump is far from being in the majority with 214 votes. However, Trump currently leads in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. However, despite Biden’s exceptional performance, Trump is still in the race for president.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s team has challenged the vote count in courts in three states. In view of the delay in election results, electoral authorities have now speeded up the counting of votes in the main states. Final results are still pending in Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. If Biden wins only Nevada, he will hit the required number of 270. President Trump will hit the 270 mark if he wins in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Georgia.

The bad news for Trump’s team, on the other hand, is that Joe Biden is advancing very quickly in Georgia and Pennsylvania, which narrows Trump’s lead. The Trump team has said it will be calling a new vote in Wisconsin. His team has filed complaints in Pennsylvania and Michigan. There are still millions of votes to be counted in these states and it is believed that it may take several more days to count the votes.

The decision as to who will be the president is always suspended after the vote count continues. According to the PA report, the vote count is still ongoing in 9 states. Only 56% of the votes are counted in Alaska. The assets are advancing here. Because of this blow, America has joined this election in the thorniest bumps in history.

Biden became the best candidate to vote
Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden became the highest-ranking presidential voter in US history and broke the record set by former President Barack Obama. As of November 4, Biden had received 7.07 crore of votes, which is the most votes a candidate has received in the presidential election so far, according to news from National Public Radio (NPR) . According to NPR, that number is nearly 300,000 more than the votes polled by Obama in the 2008 election, which was the previous record. Biden edged out Obama in popular votes, with 6,94,98,516 people voting in 2008.

Donald Trump supporters spread disinformation
Meanwhile, as Donald Trump’s chances of re-election to the United States dwindle, Trump supporters have started to make false claims. They alleged that Joe Biden had benefited from the rigging. Trump supporters post fake videos on social media. These Trump supporters are also giving false evidence.

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