US election result: US election result: Trump again counted victory in the middle of the tally, said – trying to steal victory through illegal votes – Donald Trump accuses his political rivals of trying to steal the election

The count is underway for the result of the US election. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is very close to the majority figure and Trump is following him. Biden leads Donald Trump with 264 votes, with just 214 electoral votes. At the same time, on Thursday, President Donald Trump reiterated his claim to victory. There are also fears that an attempt is being made to “steal” this election with illegal votes.

Trump said at a press conference: “If you count the legal vote, I comfortably win.” But if you count the illegal votes (by mail), then they (Democrats) can try to take the victory away from us. I won many great states with historic margins.

“ Blue Wave intentionally displayed in opinion polls ”
Trump called the opinion polls bogus, saying, “Opinion polls have deliberately shown the blue wave (in favor of Democrats) across the country.” In fact, there was no such wave. There is a big red wave (in favor of the Republicans) across the country, its media was also aware of it but we did not take advantage of it.

“ The mail in the ballot papers unilaterally surprised ”
Anticipating a mess in the mail in the ballots, Trump said, “Surprisingly, how the mail in the ballots only looks to one (Democratic) party.” It is a corrupt practice which also makes people corrupt even if they are not from the inside.

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