US election results Indian-born legislator: US citizens of Indian descent report country politics: MP – Indian-born American citizens do very well in US politics, MP says

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Two Indo-American lawmakers made history by being elected to the state legislature. They say that the candidates of the Indian community are giving up on American politics. These lawmakers have expressed confidence that more American citizens of Indian descent will show up and win in New York.
Two American-American lawmakers made history by getting elected to the state legislature. He said community candidates are giving up on American politics and expressed confidence that Indo-Americans and American citizens will run and win elections in the years to come. Jennifer Rajkumar (38) is the first American of Indian origin elected to the New York State Assembly.

Jennifer is the first Indian American to be elected to the Legislative Assembly of any state. He said, “After a long time our community has done this and I know I am not the last candidate to do it. The Prince of the Democratic Party of the Queens area of ​​New York won with 66% of the vote. Prince, a graduate of Stanford Law School, previously worked with New York Governor Andrew Kyomo.

First Senator of Indian descent in Ohio history
There, the prince introduced a $ 3.1 million program, which ensured that immigrants to the state who did not have access to the law were represented. He said, “I was very proud doing this. Neeraj Antony of the Republican Party is also the first American citizen of Indian descent to be elected to the Ohio State Senate.

He said on November 3 he had the opportunity to become the first senator of Indian descent in Ohio history. It is indeed a special occasion. Indo-American candidates overcome many obstacles and win elections. I had a special opportunity to be a part of it. Antony said these things during a digital political analysis conducted by Indian diaspora NGO ‘IndiaSpora’ after the election.

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