US election results Violence: fear of violence after US election results, Donald Trump’s ‘house’ becomes ‘strong’

New York
President Donald Trump was converted at Trump Tower Fort in Manhattan, New York, amid the vote count in the United States. Large numbers of armed security officers surrounded the Trump Tower with their trucks. On the other hand, the police chief warned that if the unrest spreads after the election results, it will seal parts of the city. Current President Donald Trump once lived in this house.

Protesters had gathered outside the building here on Tuesday afternoon. Not only that, a large number of protesters also gathered in other parts of the city. The head of the New York Police Department warned of the protesters. Meanwhile, the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, has said business establishments need not fear theft. Previously, the folks at Trump’s anti-Black Lives Matter have played fiercely here. There was a lot of damage in the stores.

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Protestant deposits in many areas of New York
New York Police have said parts of the Manhattan neighborhood may be closed. If the theft incident were to take place in this area, no cars or pedestrians would be allowed. Thousands of security officers have been deployed to areas of New York where protesters have gathered. The police filled their trucks with sand. These vehicles have been deployed so that if the crowd of protesters increases, they can be stopped through the vehicle barrier.

Let us tell you that amid the fear of unrest and violence, luxury store owners and small businesses in many New York neighborhoods have put plywood in front of them to save their stores. The race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the White House is considered the most bitter and accusatory. Shopkeepers on Manhattan’s posh Fifth Avenue and other parts of the city were seen taking security measures amid fears of violence, looting and clashes on polling day.

Put plywood outside to avoid sabotage
Store traders have been seen putting plywood outside stores until late at night to save them from sabotage. It was similar to that seen during the summer protests after the death of George Floyd. Although the presidential elections are held in the United States every four years, but the presidential elections of 2020 are called the ‘election of a lifetime’ and after a very bitter election campaign there is an unprecedented fear across America and Restlessness.

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