US elections Russia: Russia harasses Vladimir Putin, fearing Biden, friendship with China, Russia – Vladimir Putin strengthens ties with China as Joe Biden approaches victory in primary in the United States

The suspense remains over the outcome of the presidential election in America and the eyes of the world are on it. However, each time the results have arrived, Russia has already started to deepen its friendship with China, leaving America. Let us know that in the US election results so far, Democratic candidate Biden is seen going forward.

Common interest with China
Royal Holloway geopolitics and security professor Klaus Dodds says that when Russia acquired Crimea in 2013, the United States tried to undermine it economically by banning it, especially in the energy sector. Russia and China do not have very good relations, but they have common interests. Russia needs Chinese investment to be able to extract oil and gas from the Arctic.

Relationships deepen
Russia is spending money on modernization and military expansion as the Arctic problem begins to heat up. Other business opportunities are also opening up here. Klaus says there are many reasons why Russia is doing and the Russian-Chinese relationship can be called a “marriage for convenience.” The two have no love but are together because of common interests. Russia does not reject military-technical cooperation with China.

Competition on oil and gas
Professor Klaus believes that China and gas will also play an important role between the two countries. Significantly, between 2008 and 2019, the production of crude oil in the United States increased by 160% and that of gas by 70%. The United States has now become an energy powerhouse and produces more oil than Saudi Arabia and more gas than Russia. They say Russia will get investment and China will get gas. Russia views China as an oil and gas market.

America is challenged, cooperation with China
Joe Biden has said during his election campaign that he will cut oil energy and fracking in the country by 2050. It is believed that the export of oil and gas will be difficult because of the ban, with the emergence of Russia as a new global supplier. Klaus says Putin needs oil and gas development, he has a climate change problem, and China is a challenge too, but he plans to join China with the United States now.

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