US F 16 Fighter Jet intercepts planes: US Election 2020: Plain near Donald Trump rally, F-16 Fighter Jet chased – US F 16 Fighter Jet intercepts planes near Donald Trump Rally in Arizona deploying flares

During US President Donald Trump’s election campaign on Wednesday, there was a commotion when a passenger plane arrived very near the location of the Arizona campaign rally. The Secret Service deployed under the protection of the US President sprang into action when a passenger plane arrived at a regulated airfield and the US Air Force immediately flew one of its F-16 fighter jets. . Trump was also surprised to see the fighter plane at the rally location.

The F-16 jet forced the passenger plane to flee, leaving flames behind. US Air Force spokesman John Cornelio said the F-16 was sent to get information on a small plane. He said that plane arrived at the airfield for President Trump’s rally. This small plane did not respond at first but when the F-16 left the flames, the pilot of the passenger plane responded by radio.

Drop the small plane off the rally airstrip
John said the F-16 subsequently dropped the smaller aircraft out of the rally’s air range. Those at the rally location did not see this small plane but the sound of the fighter distracted everyone, including Trump. Trump Fighter was surprised to see Jet and he laughed at him as well. He said, “I love that voice and I love it.” The crowd was also enthusiastic about Trump’s statement.

Trump has targeted Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, saying the 2020 presidential election was a chance for his administration to choose between economic reforms or Biden’s lax policies. Just seven days before the US presidential election, Trump held three rallies on Tuesday, stepping up his campaign. One of these rallies took place amid the rain and freezing cold.

‘The biggest tax increase in our history’
US President Trump said, “This election is a chance to choose between our government or Biden’s dilapidated policies to get the economy back on track.” Taxes have been increased here. The biggest tax increase in our history. During our government there is a struggle to choose a fast growing economy or Biden’s lockdown policy. “ Trump is seeking support for a second four-year term.

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