US faces embarrassing remorse for abruptly leaving Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

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The US soldiers returned to the darkness of the night after spending nearly 20 years at Bagram Air Base. They did not tell the Afghan security forces about it, because of which people looted it. , Washington
After reigning for nearly 20 years at its Fort Bagram air base in Afghanistan, American soldiers abandoned it in the darkness of the night and returned there. Alam is that he did not inform the Afghan security forces, because of which the local population looted him. America now faces doubt, embarrassment, and self-indulgence in itself. Moreover, he now fears that Afghanistan is headed for civil war again.

Seeing photos of Afghan security forces kneeling in front of the Taliban without a fight and the situation like chaos at Bagram Airport, US lawmakers are under tension from security analysts. They now see a return to civil war and terrorism in Afghanistan. All of this only happened because the Biden administration was excessively speedy in withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan.

slowed down the rate of withdrawal of American troops
After this international embarrassment, the White House has now advised the US Department of Defense at the Pentagon to slow down the pace of US troop withdrawal. The Pentagon has asked General Austin Miller, the US commander in Afghanistan, and hundreds of his troops to stay put for the time being. America is trying to lessen the shock of the Afghan people through this.

On the other hand, the Afghan people, faced with war for decades, have prepared for the return of civil war. Republican MP Michael McCoul revealed that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s team had warned him that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would be remembered as “the year of jihad.” He said President Biden must take responsibility for the killings of people, the oppression of women and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Pakistani madrassa students arrive in Afghanistan to support the Taliban
McCoul said: “Young people studying in Pakistani madrasas have reached Afghanistan to support the Taliban and will soon experience a major civil war. He held Biden responsible for pulling those troops out, but the decision to pull the troops out of Afghanistan was made by Donald Trump. At the same time, Washington is being criticized for leaving 18,000 translators and other American friends in Afghanistan to their fate.

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